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Boychuk Ventures Inc. Accessibility Plan

In this plan:

A “barrier” is defined as anything – including anything physical, architectural, technological or attitudinal, anything that is based on information or communications or anything that is the result of a policy or a practice – that hinders the full and equal participation in society of persons with an impairment, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory impairment or a functional limitation.”
Any disability is defined as any impairment, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory impairment – or a functional limitation – whether permanent, temporary or episodic in nature, or evident or not, that, in interaction with a barrier, hinders a person’s full and equal participation in society.”

Company Information:

Boychuk Ventures in the business of providing truck transportation services throughout western Canada and to selective States in the USA. The single office is located in Edmonton, Alberta where administrative services are provided in support of the transportation services provided. Staff at Boychuck Ventures Inc. office consists of three management and administrative positions. The company also employs approximately 18 truck drivers who work away from the office and only attend the office to exchange documentation and receive dispatch instructions.

Contact Information:

Any persons wishing to review, discuss or comment on the Disability Plan in place at Boychuk Ventures Inc. should contact:

Tanya Woloschuk, General Manager
Phone: 780-464-6500
10604 205 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5S 1Z1

Consultation Process:

The company currently has a Safety Consultant on staff who is considered disabled due to significant mobility issues. This person was asked to conduct a review of the physical accessibility of the work environment and make recommendations on any changes required to improve access by a disabled person. His review confirmed that there were no accessibility issues that would represent a barrier for a disabled person.

Work Environment (Building):

The office facility in Edmonton consists of an administrative work environment where three administrative employees work. The facility also consists of two washrooms and a lunchroom. Access to this facility and throughout this facility does not impose any barriers. In addition, consultation with the disabled person confirmed that there are no accessibility issues in this work environment. Access to the facility accommodates disabled persons through a wheelchair accessible ramp and a automatic door.

Communication Technology:

Communications by staff working in the office consists of telephone, verbal, emails and text messaging utilizing computers. Communications with Drivers when on the road is via satellite communication, telephone, email and text messaging. Drivers seldom attend the office in person. Communication with customers is conducted on the phone or through emails, On very rare occurrences would a customer or a member of the general public every attend at the office.

Procurement Of Goods and Services:

The business of Boychuk Ventures Inc. does involve the exchange of goods and services on a basis that would require third party access except for mail and courier service.

Design and Delivery of Programs and Services:

Contact with Drivers where they are required to access the facility are rare. Much of the communication with Drivers is done through electronic exchanges. On those rare occasions where Drivers are required to attend the office they do not face any accessibility issues. Communication with customers is also done electronically and there are no occasions where the customer is required to attend the facility relating to goods and services.


Boychuk ventures Inc. is in the business of providing truck load transportation services to selected customers throughout western Canada and the United States. All trucks have accessibility aids for the Drivers.

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